Athletics Equipment Throwing Guide

Are your students throwing the correct equipment?


It’s Summer and with the Olympics around the corner,  Athletics will be in full flow in most schools in the UK including teaching the art of throwing. Are your students throwing in line with recommended guidelines for their age? What weight and size should students be throwing? If you are not sure and want to check students are  using the correct equipment, take a look at our recent throwing guide for Shotput, Discus, Javelin and Hammer… there is quite a lot to know! 

If your facilities are open to the community, we have thrown in adult guidance too… and if not, why not get your teachers embracing the art of throwing this summer. 

Have you considered turning your sports space into a sports facility of tomorrow?   

Whether you have a refurbishment or an entirely new space on the horizon; or haven’t yet considered upgrading your current space, we can offer help and advice to start planning your perfect flexible space to teach PE and sports.  

If you are interested in creating a space that will encourage active learning, increase student engagement levels and performance, and even encourage more students to consider higher education and a career in sport; then check out WF Sports Spaces.    

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