Back to School – Checklist for Technicians

Preparation for pupils returning to School


Back in May 2020, we asked Chris Pambou our technical adviser and Chief Science Technician at City & Islington Sixth Form College, London for his top tips for technicians. 

Following the Christmas breakdelayed start to the term and the latest lockdown, we understand that some technicians are working from home and some have been required to be back in school in their departments or are supporting students with other duties. 

Chris says: The tips I shared with you back in May are all still very relevant. These tasks should be carried out  after any lengthy shutdown so do refer to these.

If at work during the Spring term (if your school is open for children where they are eligible to attend, vulnerable children or children of key workers etc). I would also consider the following : 

  • Continuing with the meticulous cleaning or rotation of equipment following CLEAPSS excellent advice and information

  • Use 1000 ppm avCL (available chlorine) products for deep cleaning surfaces

  • Increase ventilation in any space you’re working in, keep distance, wash hands frequently, wear face-covering as required

    • the virus is more active now than before 
  • Check stocks of safety glasses – after so many immersions in Milton some lenses and straps may need replacing before school resumes

  • Check out CLEAPSS eye shield template for sharing microscopes and projecting images

If you are working from home download my case study “HOW DID THE COVID PANDEMIC AFFECT, THE WAY WE DELIVER PRACTICAL SCIENCE AT CITY AND ISLINGTON SIXTH FORM COLLEGE AND THE LEARNING EXPERIENCE FOR STUDENTS”  which lists jobs that can be done from home, technical challenges, solutions and how we prepare labs and delivering practicals to students during this pandemic. 

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