Back to School – Checklist for Technicians

Preparation for pupils returning to School


Boris Johnson has said that primary schools could begin to reopen for year groups – Reception, Year 1 and Year 6 – from 1st June, in his address to the nation on 10th May about the easing of lockdown measures caused by the pandemic.

While the roadmap for re-opening secondary schools to years 7 – 9 has yet to crystallise, there are preparatory tasks that can be completed, and plans put into place from the 1st June.

Considering this updated government guidance, it is likely that at least some secondary pupils will return to school before the end of the Summer term, with staff able to return to work, if it is safe to do so.

Conducting an audit of teaching spaces, preparation and storerooms that have been closed for some time is essential for pinpointing any action required, ahead of socially distanced science lessons resuming.

Timstar asked Chris Pambou, Chief Science Technician at City & Islington Sixth Form College, London for his top tips for Technicians…

“Technicians will play a valuable role in preparing labs and spaces, ready to welcome pupils back into school. We have considered which tasks should be undertaken to make the transition as smooth and as safe as possible.”

Timstar has created a handy printable checklist for Technicians, to prepare their back to school routine.

Thinking about back to school?

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With re-opening schools in mind, CLEAPPS has released a useful guide for technicians – ‘GL343 Guide to doing practical work in a partially reopened school – Science – Ver. 1.0 – 10th May 2020’ – which can be used in conjunction with your school’s standard operating procedures.

This guides how experiments can be practically run in departments, taking into account social distancing, hygiene and safety.