Back to School?

TSL’s suggestions to keep everyone safe…


Since the outbreak of COVID-19, TSL and the WF Education Group has remained committed to supporting schools in these unprecedented and uncertain times.

With the safety of employees, customers, and suppliers at the forefront, we have ensured we can responsibly support our customers and will continue to provide our usual high level of service and delivery.

What’s next?

As you will be aware, through a phased return, schools will be reopening their doors after half term – from the 1st June.  Although this is an essential move to minimise further disruption to pupil’s education, there are fundamental guidelines that must be followed to keep both children and teachers safe.

  • 1. Social distancing – floor stickers, signage, screens

  • 2. Mobile teaching – trolleys, storage

  • 3. Preventing the spread

    3a. Handwashing/understanding symptoms – posters
    3b. Keeping surfaces clean – cleaning solution, book covers etc.

  • 4. Adjusting lesson plans – visualisers for core practical’s

In line with government COVID-19 guidance, TSL and the WF Education has a range of products to help prepare for pupils to return. The full guidance for staying safe in an educational setting can be found on the government website.

How can we help?

In line with COVID-19 government guidance, we have collated a range of products from across our brands, which are vital to helping you to put procedures in place – ensuring your school is safe for your students, teachers and keyworkers.

Our Product Range

Counter Protection Foam Plastic
SKU – 590-063
Price – £79.00

Social Distancing Floor Marker
Pack of 5 – various styles
SKU – 590-064
Price – £88.00

School Feet Floor Markers – Blue
Pack of 5 – various colours
SKU – 590-068
Price – £88.00

School 2M part icon Floor Marker – Blue
SKU – 590-071
Price – £88.00

Yellow Feet Floor Markers
Pack of 50 – various styles
SKU – 590-074
Price – £66.00

Social Distancing Floor Marking Kit 1
SKU – 590-083
Price – £99.95

Social Distancing Floor Marking Kit 2
SKU – 590-085
Price – £115.00

Social Distancing Floor Marking Kit 3
SKU – 590-277
Price – £139.00

Social Distancing Floor Marking Kit 5
SKU – 590-279
Price – £175.00

Social Distancing Floor Stencil Kit
Available in white and yellow
SKU – 590-284
Price – £105.00

2M Apart Floor Stencil Kit
Available in white and yellow
SKU – 590-281
Price – £105.00

Floor Marking Tape Black/Yellow
50mm x 33m – Pack 5

SKU – 590-080
Price – £49.95

Floor Marking Tape Red/White
50mm x 33m – Pack 5

SKU – 590-082
Price – £49.95

Floor Marking Tape – Green/White
50mm x 33m – Pack 5

SKU – 590-081
Price – £49.95

Floor Marking Tape Yellow
50mm x 33m – Pack 5

SKU – 590-079
Price – £43.95

Floor Marking Tape Blue
50mm x 33m – Pack 5

SKU – 590-077
Price – £43.95

Floor Marking Tape Green
50mm x 33m – Pack 5

SKU – 590-078
Price – £43.95

Download our FREE COVID-19 advice posters, suitable for A4 display frames.

Here to Help

Maintaining warehouse operations and our customer service teams, WF Education Group has implemented carefully considered steps to ensure that schools can order from all of our brands, taking contact-fee delivery of essential materials.

We will continue to ensure that schools receive the same professionalism, care and service level that they have come to expect from us.

We maintain the ability to answer remotely any queries you may have about supplies, orders, and delivery – both by phone and email.

If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch with us on 01743 812 200.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) – Order Now.

Current nationwide stocks of PPE is low. In these uncertain times, suppliers have correctly prioritised the NHS – and will continue to do so.

To guarantee we can fulfil your order when stocks replenish, please, place your order now for delivery when stock is available. Contact our customer care team and prepare for the new school term.