Colour Your Bubbles

Keeping distance with colour.



We might be back in lockdown but keeping education a focus and a priority is of utmost importance across the nation and, as sports teachers and educators, maintaining sensible social distancing measures in PE remains imperative.

With a little tailoring and added precautions, most or if not all sports can be managed effectively to ensure children are staying fit in school and not missing any opportunities. We can also utilise and concentrate on sports and activities that do not require close contact.

Introducing colour to your bubbles is a great visual way to manage and make sure a safe distance between bubbles is kept, enabling both students and teachers to easily identify their own groups and to remain within safe boundaries of other bubbles. Not only does the addition of colour make sporting activities even more exciting and easier to follow, but, it allows better management of the games being played for teachers; can even make the sanitising of equipment pre and post-lesson where required easier.

From coloured bibs to coloured cones and balls, there are many ways to integrate colour into your lessons and divide your bubble groupings. Maudesport has put together a few activities which are an excellent option for social distancing in PE and, also introduce a range of different tips, sports, and equipment that can be played both indoors or outdoors.

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