Early Years Activity Calendar

The summer holidays are almost here!


Reading and learning through play from a young age is crucial to optimising children’s education, and parents can make a difference by spending time with them daily to stimulate their minds, making learning fun throughout the summer.

Gresswell has gathered some fantastic products that will help to create a comfortable and fun environment for learning and our FREE downloadable Early Years Activity Calendar will equip care providers with some great ideas for things to do every day throughout August. 

Sitting comfortably?

Proven to aid concentration and learning outcomes, Gresswell has a huge range of fun & comfortable seating for schools, the library’s or even at home.

Here are a few of our favourites…

Need flexibility, try a portable bookshelf?

Perfect for flexible spaces. Keep your materials organised in school, in your library or at home.

An Extra Sniff of Excitement

Smell is linked more closely to memory than any of our other senses. It is also the most closely linked to our emotions. Research shows that when a listener hears a story, parts of their brain involving action (not just listening) are stimulated. So, when you add smells into the mix, you should theoretically be able create a multisensory brain explosion in your lucky audience…

Why not make your reading days just that little more exciting with scratch and sniff bookmarks…

A splash of colour for Early Years

With summer here, bringing with it (mostly!) blue skies and a vast array of colourful flowers, you’ve probably felt the effect of the bright colours on your mood. You may feel happier and generally more positive. But what effects could colour have in a classroom or learning environment?

Add a splash of colour indoors and outdoors for younger children this summer…

August Activity Calendar

Download your FREE Activity Calendar for August to help you keep those little minds stimulated and enthused…

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