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…Gresswell launches a new magazine for Library professionals.


Read the latest news on library design, research, and resources from the Gresswell team.

Highlights in this issue include the results of our flexible classroom research, furniture for learning and a glance into the future of library design with our modular and agile furniture solutions.

Find a sneak peek of what's hidden inside the new Gresswell magazine...

Tomorrow’s Libraries


We are not necessarily talking about technological or digital innovations here, but rather innovations in the services provided. In addition to supporting the development of literacy and reading in the community, libraries go much much further… Page 4

Flexible Classrooms

We hear a lot about it, the flexible classroom: a concept originating in North America, widely acclaimed and implemented in Scandinavia and which is gradually developing in the UK and France. Curious to know more, our sister company Demco France set out to test and experience this new concept live during 2019 and 2020… Page 8

Dynamic foundations...


It is well-known that sitting still on a chair for long periods will have adverse effects on both the body and mind. Investing in active seating gives you the ability to enable people sitting in your learning environment the opportunity to move whilst remaining seated… Page 10

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