Hand Tools

Safety First!


As a fundamental part of practical Design and Technology projects, teaching students how to use hand tools safely and effectively is an integral part of lesson planning.

Whether you are cutting wood, plastic, or metal, to make any prototype and/or design come to life you will use a hand tool of some description, even if just for finishing touches.

Large machinery and power tools have the potential to be dangerous in the workshop but equally misusing hand tools can result in a nasty injury.

Get students thinking about the following every time they get to work with hand tools:

  • Encouraging PPE to be worn at all times

  • Direct tools away from the body at all times

  • Start work slowly to avoid buckling and rebound of the blade

  • Never working with oily or greasy hands

  • Keep material secure and locked in place with a vice or clamp

  • Never test the sharpness of a tool with your hand

  • Store all hand tools away when not in use

  • Check wood for knots and nails, they damage the blade and cause injury from buckling

  • Always keep tools clean

  • Tools are the correct size for their project

  • Start work slowly to avoid buckling and rebound of the blade

  • Always keep tools clean

An effective way of ensuring students are kept up to speed and reminded of the rules is the use of posters, and strategically placing them at hand tool stations and next to workbenches.

TSL have created a FREE poster to download for you to use in your workshop, along with a second poster intended to help students learn which saw best suites their project!

Stock up on TSL’s most recommended hand tool brands…

Eclipse Coping Saw
Black steel frame lacquered wooden handle 41/2” throat. Eclipse 70CP1.

Eclipse Coping Saw Blades
Budget blades to fit most coping saws. Quality heat-treated steel with accurately set and shaped teeth. Pack of 10.

Eclipse Premium Hacksaw
Diecast handle oval tubular frame wing nut tensioning device for 10-12” blades.

Bacho Hardpoint Handsaw
A universal tooth saw with hardened teeth giving up to five times the life of conventional teeth.

Draper Venom Tenon Saw
Manufactured from high quality 1mm carbon steel, that’s been correctly hardened and tempered to ensure the blade’s strength and straightness.

Eclipse Fret Saw
A rigid well-balanced frame, with a comfortable
hardwood handle.

Ball Pein Hammer
These hammers have drop forged hardened tool steel heads and lacquered ash handles.

Crown Mortice Chisel
Heavy-duty chisel for use in the cutting of motices. Hardened steel blade is tapered towards cutting edge to prevent jamming.

Stanley 99E Knife
Die cast handle fixed blade with 3 spare blades.

Stanley Knife Blades 1991
Normal duty Stanley knife blades. Pack of 5.

Draper Soft Grip Screwdriver
Screwdriver set, which includes flared tipped and tapered tipped screwdrivers. Set of 6.

Combination Pliers
Side cutting blades with serrated pipe grip joint cutter and polished head. They have coloured plastic grips.

Checkout TSL’s Hand Tool Competency Test

and download for free today!

Are you practising social distancing measures with your handtools in school?

CLEAPSS ‘GL344 guidance on practical work during the COVID-19 pandemic’ highlights that the hand-held equipment should be cleaned frequently and quarantined to achieve maximum protection for your students.

Individual/labeled trays are the best way to ensure one set of equipment each. If you need to stock up on trays then look no further than a Gratnells tray!

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