Have You Explored Active Seating?

Discover why you should encourage this level of dynamic seating in your library…  


It is well-known that sitting still on a chair for long periods will have adverse effects on both the body and mind. Investing in active seating gives you the ability to enable people sitting in your learning environment the opportunity to move whilst remaining seated.  

Modular seating including tables, chairs and mobile shelving will facilitate individual and collaborative work but will also enhance well-being, by offering comfortable and more dynamic seating. Seating such as free movement ‘wobble’ stools and sitting balls will facilitate the change of posture whilst improving concentration and encouraging participation. Furniture must be flexible to meet both collaboration and privacy needs, and ergonomics and comfort.  

Spaces should also be equipped with technological solutions, giving rapid access to various information for active learning, and also digital signage tools to encourage participation.  

The importance of offering a choice of seating will equal or even exceed that of the 4-legged chair. Whether we are referring to flipped classes or pedagogy, learning methods are evolving and in-order to facilitate collaborative levels, furniture and in particular, seating must adapt.  

We often talk about flexible classrooms and again, dynamic and active seating has been proven to enhance concentration and ultimately performance. 

Students learn best in a variety of ways and rigid classroom layouts do not respond to these differences. Some students need perpetual movement to concentrate and dynamic seating responds to this, allowing the period of concentration to be extended. Some learn best when they can stretch out on the floor or curl up on a bean bag. 

Dynamic foundations of active and flexible seating:

  • Allows free movement whilst sitting down in your chair 
  • Offers a variety of physical benefits  
  • Promotes discussion and creativity – ideal for group workshops  
  • Encourages perpetual motion to maintain attention 
  • Promotes autonomy and will empower students

Check out Gresswells recommended active seating solutions:

The OneLeg Stool

The OneLeg® stool is an alternative sitting method that helps promote good posture and posture. Its original form makes it perfect for any environment, whether at school, office or in the public library. The OneLeg® Stool comes with a black non-slip foot cover.  

Coloured non-slip silicone seat covers are available separately. Several models (different height) to choose from.  Sold individually. Delivery within 4 weeks.  

Child Bean Bags

Child Bean Bags are super soft cotton bean bags, constructed with longevity in mind. The bean bags are highly durable, securely stitched and have machine-washable outer covers.

There is a wide range of colours to choose from. Sold individually. Delivery within 3 weeks.  

The Moov Stool

The sturdy and durable Moov stool has a flexible core that allows free movement while sitting comfortably. Its 350mm diameter seat and wide base ensure great stability.

Several colours to choose from. Sold individually. Delivery within 4 weeks.  

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