Need to stock up on your lab essentials?

Glassware is key…


Our Top Tips download referenced government COVID-19 guidance and the recommendation to provide more equipment at stations in science lessons for individual access.

As a core subject, the aim will be to protect students by reducing the need for frequent movement, while still delivering the practical element of the curriculum. This may mean additional practical spaces are required, with the need to stock up on essential equipment for individuals to work safely and could be a great opportunity to replenish your existing range or purchase new, better quality products.

If you are thinking about topping up your stock of glassware, quality will inevitably play a key factor in the longevity of your products, through wear and tear and durability. Timstar recommends a glassware range which includes robust, high quality and even includes interchangeable pieces for wider assembly. We have put together some key benefits of our recommended glassware products to help you select the best equipment for your teaching space.

Timstar stocks three types of glassware, used in education:

Soda Lime glass is suitable for general laboratory use and can withstand moderate warming (e.g. in a water bath) but NOT direct heat. Soda Lime glassware is an economical choice for situations where direct heat is not required.

Borosilicate 3.3 glass can be used where direct heating is required due to its high thermal resistance. It also has excellent chemical resistance. Pyrex is an excellent and trusted brand of this type of glassware.

Neutral Borosilicate – the glass can withstand moderate temperature changes. Neutral borosilicate glass has good chemical resistance and is a cheaper alternative to borosilicate 3.3 glass when only gentle heating is required if you have budgetary limitations.

We recommend… Pyrex

Manufactured since 1923 this well established and trusted brand has been used, tried, and tested by schools all over the globe – a brand recognised for its quality and longevity. Benefits include:

  • Full compliance with ISO 3819 and DIN 12331
  • Manufactured from Pyrex® borosilicate 3.3 glass
  • Fantastic thermal performance
  • Highest resistance of chemical attack
  • White graduations of marking the spot

We recommend... Quickfit

The Quickfit system is a premium range of interchangeable glassware, manufactured from Pyrex® borosilicate 3.3 glass. The range features over 1000 interchangeable ground glass joints which when combined creates a wide variety of excellent assemblies for a vast number of experiments.

The brilliance of this products is that Quickfit only makes 20 joints from the mould before it is recalibrated, so you can buy different pieces years apart and they will still fit together. Timstar also sells standard connection kits separately, meaning that older equipment can be re-purposed.

It is made with a 2-way grinding process making the system fully interchangeable. The rounded profile adds mechanical strength, compared to other brands which have a square profile. There is no need to use grease in the joints and you can also buy clips for extra security: view joint clips.

All conical joints have an accurately ground cone & socket with 1:10 taper and the ground finish of a Quickfit joint ensures:

  • No joint seizure
  • No fluid leakage
  • Joint is gas & vacuum tight


There are three lengths of conical joint A, B and C with predominantly B length joints used. Each joint size is described with 2 numbers:

24 – diameter of wide end in mm    /    29 – length of engagement in mm

Timstar's Top Tip

Stocking up on Gratnell’s Trays would be another useful preparation tool, enabling you to prepare individual practical apparatus tray for each students. Shop the range: Gratnell’s Trays.