Netball: Getting Ahead of the Game!

Maximum output for schools whilst respecting social distancing…


Netball England’s recent guidance has highlighted that during lockdown, many young people were less active, and because of being isolated, they experienced feelings of loneliness as well as increased anxiety and worry.

Physical activity is crucial to help get our children and young adults back on track.  Although a modified game is now required, Netball remains a key sport to ensuring a broad curriculum is delivered and remains an excellent sport for students of all ages.

The nature of the game means there are regular breaches to social distancing rules, therefore, Netball England have created new guidelines to help Schools, Colleges and Academies adapt and modify the game to ensure optimum protection for players.

Download the COVID-19 Rule Modifications to find out more…

One way of ensuring minimal risk is through individual training, pairs, or in small bubbles. Download our Netball training drills that will help reduce risk in your school.

Check out Maudesport’s favourite Netball bibs…

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