TSL's Night Light Project

Key Stage 3 lighting projects


Key Stage 3 lighting projects concentrate on the design and manufacture of lighting using simple electronics but with complex and functional part modelling.

Students will spend time considering the function and their target audience, before designing a unique solution. The concept of lighting can be used for students to learn about different designers and design eras, designing a lamp that is inspired by a chosen designers or design era.

Key concepts of the project could encompass the following:

  • a. Understanding that designing and making has aesthetic, environmental, technical, consumer, functional and social dimensions.

  • b. Applying knowledge of materials and production processes to design products and produce practical solutions that are relevant and fit for purpose.

  • c. Understanding that products and systems have an impact on the quality of life.

  • d. Exploring how products have been designed and made in the past, how they are currently designed and made and how they may develop in the future.

Timed Night Light Kit

Colour changing LED, turns on when it goes dark and stays on for up to 30 minutes. Suitable for KS3/4.

The colour changing LED on this kit turns on when it goes dark and stays on for a set amount of time. It is an ideal night light because the LED is only on for a small amount of time, so batteries can last up to two months!

There is an on-board trimmer to set the light level at which the LED turns on and another trimmer to set how long the LED stays on for. The maximum duration is about 30 minutes. This project requires 3 x AA batteries.

Night Light Project

During key stage 3 students use a wide range of materials to design and make products. They will develop their understanding of designing and making and expand their practical skills. They will use computers, including computer-aided design and manufacture, as an integral part of designing and making.

Students will use technologies to produce an effective night light. This project aims to introduce students to vacuum forming, simple circuits, and soldering. Students will also be introduced to the use of computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacture by using a laser cutter and 2D design. These processes also allow for an insight into the methods used in industry and the manufacture of mass production products from prototypes.

The laser cutter will be used to cut and engrave a design of their choice into the light in clear 3mm Acrylic sheet.

Students will transfer their design ideas into CAD software, where they will learn to vectorize and manipulate images. The Vacuum Former and wooden mould (MDF) will be used to produce a base for the Acrylic top to be positioned.

Rainbow (colour changing) LED’s will be used as the light source for the night light.

Aims of the project:

  • To enable pupils to develop their practical skills.

  • To increase awareness of health and safety in a potentially dangerous area.

  • To develop knowledge and understanding of materials, tools, machinery and processes.

  • Understand how to take account of working characteristics of materials and components and restrictions imposed by tools and equipment.

  • Select and use a range of tools, equipment and processes safely and accurately.

  • Use new emerging technologies to produce an effective product.

  • Accurately measure, mark out, cut and waste material. High quality finishes produced.

  • To develop knowledge/ skills to enable achievement of a high-quality finish in practical work.

Download your free 2D Design CAD/CAM files for the product case:

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