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As one of the UK’s biggest competitive sports, all schools should consider teaching rugby. There are many physical benefits to children playing rugby as well as mental health benefits, such as fostering self-esteem and confidence in children of all ages, plus building resilience.

We have created guidelines that will help you understand the advantages of introducing rugby to your students, including what the perfect setup looks like, and the correct equipment to use in regards to age-grade rugby.

If you are already teaching rugby in your school then why not make sure you have the right setup and ensure your students are benefiting from the best quality products.

The afPE is in full support of the game being taught within our national curriculum, and although there are rules and guidelines that need to be followed as a contact sport, you can introduce the game to primary school pupils and key stage 3 & 4 students in the form of Tag Rugby. A much softer minimal contact version of the game and a great way to get younger pupils interested in rugby from an early age.

This variation to the game teaches children to understand the rules of the game and prepares them for the ‘contact’ techniques and how to implement them correctly, minimising the risk of injury

Tag Rugby involves velcro patches and two tags being attached to the shorts of each player. It is a similar model for play compared to rugby league/ touch rugby, where attacking players attempt to dodge, pass and avoid a rugby ball whilst defending players try and prevent them from scoring by ‘tagging’. Tagging means pulling the velcro attached tag from the ball carrier.

The attacking team is given six plays or ‘tags’ aiming to take the ball downfield as close to the line as they can or to score a try. Rules and features may differ for ages group and for different gender play.

For full rules and guidance on how to teach tag rugby, there are some great resources online such as this RFU video


Getting students playing rugby at a young age will help develop...

We have carefully selected the perfect shopping list below for setting up and teaching rugby...

Central Rugby Pack Deal
This pack contains everything needed to train the rugby star of the future.

Central Corner Poles
Whether you’re preparing a new pitch or simply replacing items, these poles work with all budgets.

Central Renegade Rugby Ball
All-weather 4-panel training ball with rubberised grip.

Central Soft Rugby Ball
Non-sting, super soft pliable surface which is excellent for building confidence in rugby students.

Foam Skinned Rugby Ball
Rugby ball configuration with light skin, 22.5cm in length.

Tag Tackle Belts
No-tear loop and hook attached colour strips. Two untearable, wipe clean PVC strips, which attach to each belt.

Marker Saucers
Compact and convenient, these Marker Saucers and carrying devices are ideal for any size school or pitch.

Flat Markers
Ideal for marking out teaching sessions indoors or outdoors. Each circle is 8in diameter. 

Centurion Post Protector
Square protection pads 100mm diameter post max.

Samba Mini Rugby Post
A great rugby goal for teaching younger players. This junior rugby post made from high impact, environmentally friendly reusable plastic with polypropylene. 

Sabre Steel Rugby Post
These great value rugby posts were specifically designed with schools in mind. Ideal for schools that need to disassemble the goals on a regular basis. 

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