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Optimise the Practical – Utilise your Glassware! 


Timstar and DWK Life Sciences  teamed up to bring you a webinar around the topic of “Optimise the Practical – Utilise your Glassware!” – A guide to unlocking more practical experiments from your labware equipment, supporting conversations in the community with friendly, helpful advice.

Practicals are perfect! Often the highlight of a student’s scientific education, the delivery of a range of practical demonstrations is essential for preparing older students for further study and engaging new pupils with the wonder of science. With students returning to the classroom, now is the ideal time to focus on practical experiments.

Michelle Powner, Education Labware Specialist at DWK Life Sciences, explains how choosing the right labware equipment can support the widest possible range of practical experiments in the classroom. DWK Life Sciences are the global manufacturers of PYREX® and QUICKFIT® glassware, the brand behind the development of interchangeable jointed glassware.   

This session explored laboratory glassware and plasticware and in particular the PYREX® and QUICKFIT® ranges. By using a core range of quality labware essentials, teachers and technicians in schools can facilitate a wide range of practical experiments to support hands on learning.  

This was also a great opportunity for new technicians to acquire useful hints and tips for setting up jointed glassware.

Meet our excellent speakers:

Michelle Powner

Michelle Powner

Michelle is an education labware specialist at DWK Life Sciences. A keen interest in glassware manufacturing, in particular the versatility of this material and its ability to create products that are used by the scientific community across a range of sectors and experience levels, has led her to stay with the company for the last 25 years. Her current role focuses on understanding the equipment and provisions lab technicians and teachers need to inspire and nurture the development of school age children as they encourage the ground breaking scientists of tomorrow. 

Rebecca Underwood

Rebecca is passionate about science education in schools and inspiring students to pursue Biology, Chemistry and Physics into further education and beyond. With a BSc in Materials Science, Rebecca’s love of all things scientific led her into a career in specialist product management. She currently heads up the product portfolio for Timstar and is a WF Education Innovation Specialist – developing engaging science teaching spaces and prep rooms.


Wednesday 12th May 


14:00 – 15:00 BST


Congratulations to our webinar prize draw winners!!!

Our prize 1 winner is Dawn Myhill from North Walsham High School and the winner of prize 2 is Julia Milligan from The Halley Academy.

Thank you to everyone who attended our ‘Optimise the Practical – Utilise your Glassware!’ webinar. We look forward to seeing you again in our future webinars.

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