Are you a Science Whizz?

Test your knowledge with Timstar’s quiz…


Whether you are a technician, teacher or a student, why not put your brain to the test and see how science-savvy you are. You could even make use of some great online platforms such as Zoom to complete the quizzes with your colleagues, friends or family during lockdown.

As Summer (pictured) discovered, a quiz is a great way of testing knowledge on a specific subject and an excellent form of revision for students. All questions are in line with Biology, Chemistry and Physics areas covered within the Key stage 3 and 4 curriculums.

These are perfect resources for revision sessions online and in the classroom.

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Science Practical’s at Home

Timstar has put together a range of innovative but simple science practical resources to support and entertain students during lockdown.

Generating Electricity!

Use our latest experiment download to make electricity quickly, and easily in the comfort of your own home…

Creating Eruptions Practical

Create your own volcano at home, it’s great fun and easy to do using household items that you are likely…

Photosynthesis Practical

Check out Timstar’s Photosynthesis Science practical which is easy for pupils to complete at home.

Science Practical’s at Home

Delve into the world of physics with Poppy’s Rocket experiment, reaching heights of over 20 metres.
Checkout Timstar’s Rockit kits

Timstar’s Junior Scientist Poppy (aged 10) demonstrates a favourite science experiment that is easy but fun to do at home – get ready to make some Elephant’s toothpaste…!

Poppy demonstrates exactly how important washing our hands is, essential to combat the spread of COVID-19!