Top Tips for Back to School

Preparation for pupils returning to School


Considering updated government guidance, it is likely that at least some pupils will return to school before the end of the Summer term, with staff able to return to work, if it is safe to do so. It is clear from the guidelines that the return will be phased, with reduced class sizes and observing the 2m social distancing rule.

Conducting an audit of teaching spaces, workshops, preparation, and storerooms that have been closed for some time is essential for pinpointing any action required, ahead of lessons resuming.

The following should also be considered:

  • Implementing social distancing and the 2m rule – based on the size of workshop space/kitchen and how many can I safely fit into the room at any given time (including the teacher and possibly a technician)?
  • Check out the recently published CLEAPSS guides regarding the return of pupils to schools:

    GL344 CLEAPSS Guide to doing practical work in a partially reopened school – D&T, food and Art and Guidance for D&T departments returning to school after an extended period of closure.

  • Which year groups are likely to need to complete practical lessons requiring a dedicated space? With a phased timetable, how can you best arrange some practical time for each year group?
  • To reduce movement across classrooms and workshops, provide students with sufficient equipment at their workstations and prep materials beforehand. Consider temporarily rehousing tools and equipment to ensure easy access.
  • Provide simple, clear instructions (laminated sheets) at each work station where required. Lamination will make cleaning your worksheets much easier and will help reduce the risk of cross-contamination.
  • Hygiene is key to preventing the spread – build in time between practicals to disinfect furniture, benching and equipment. Ensure you have sufficient stocks of sterilising solution and disinfectant.
  • Get creative in planning demonstrations without the need for pupils to crowd together in a small space. Consider using projectors or pre-recording practical’s to playback during lesson time.
  • Offer reassurance to staff, parents and pupils. It is an uncertain time and the measures you put in place are temporary and designed to keep everyone safe. Use signage to remind everyone of the expectations on return to school.

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