Your Hotplate, Stirrer and Heating Mantles Buying Guide


With such a wide range of hotplates, stirrers, and heating mantles available on the market, it might seem tempting to browse and select the cheapest available, but how do you sift through the different models and compare the differences between them

Your requirements will differ, and you may need several models to cover a variety of practicals.

Some are more durable than others, and some are more complex with multiple features including built-in safety features that automatically shut off if the temperature exceeds a set rangeso, it is important that you know which are the right products for you and all the applicable technical details

So don’t just compare price alone, read our handy guide that will walk you through which models are best suited to your needs and which ones will improve your processes and safety in school…

Plus top tips and picks from our expert Senior Science Technician, Chris Pambou.  

We have discounted our prices on our expert’s top selected Hotplates for you!

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Hotplates/magnetic stirrers, Cole Palmer Stuart 152 Series


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Hotplate, Cole Palmer Stuart 150 Series


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